Saturday, July 09, 2005

London Bombings

"Tony Blair, wheel is turning...George Bush, wheel is turning...Queen Elizabeth your wheel is turning...Fire fire fire inna London Town...Fire fire fire from underground." Lee Perry from the song Baby Krishna on the album Panic In Babylon. First released in 2004.

I feel compeled to post a few thoughts on the London Bombings. After (again) being riveted to the TV for a couple of days near tears in horror and disbelief, some realizations have come to me. This attack rips to shreds Mr. Bush and his argument that we have to fight them over there so we won't have to fight them here. Of course we really knew that anyway after September 11th 2001 and the Madrid train bombings. Also I have to question Mr. Bush's retoric that we are in Iraq to "liberate the people", when at the same time he says we need Iraq as a front in the "War on Terror" to bring the terrorists into one place and tie them up. Which one is it Mr. Bush, liberate them, or use their country as bait to lure terrorists into so we can fight them there? It can't be both. Winston Churchhill once called Iraq "An ungrateful volcano." I think he was right. Another thing which is bothering me is that with all this money on so-called intelligence we are spending, we have not been able to get Bin Laden, even when we have a good idea where he is (in Pakistan). Our agreement with Pakistan is protecting him. Granted it would not be as effective to catch him now as it would have three years ago, as the cancer of Al Qaeda has spread around the world. We know the Pakistani secret service created the Taliban, so why should we trust them to catch him?
Regarding this ideological war on terror (which will only get worse if we stay this course) we need to completely rethink our dependence on Middle Eastern oil and turn to renewable fuel sources like HEMP! With hemp fuel we could keep our Kentucky farmers working, bring wealth into the USA, cleaner, safer and cheaper and do it all with no drilling, spilling or KILLING! I know its going to take a total change in the way our ecomomy operates (i.e. also solar, hydro and wind energy) but we can't afford to stay the course with this foolishness. It's going to cost us millions of lives to prop up the Saudis and the Emirs and Emirates of the Middle East just to keep money in the pockets of the old school oil barons. It sickens me to see them cloak this war in patroitism when the bottom line is their wallets. Look at Mr. Bush in Scotland again turning away from the Kyoto Protocal. The economy he is talking about Kyoto ruining is his oil-based one, not the economy of the future. Glaciers around the world are melting as oil burns up the earth and they JUST DON'T GET IT! All of their chickens are coming home to roost and they are blind to the facts. We have propped up too many dictators and despots around the world to get resources on the cheap and now the earth and it's people are straining at the seams. Until we respect and represent the poorest people of the world and the world itself with the same efforts we show when we want empire, we will be doomed to fall as all empires before us.


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