Monday, July 25, 2005

Sharia Law For Iraq?

BAGHDAD, Iraq -By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA, Associated Press Writer
A chapter of Iraq's draft constitution obtained by The Associated Press on Monday gives Islam a major role in Iraqi civil law, raising concerns that women could lose rights in marriage, divorce and inheritance.
Most worrying for women's groups has been the section on civil rights, which some feel would significantly roll back women's rights under a 1959 civil law enacted by a secular regime.
In the copy obtained by AP, Article 19 of the second chapter says "the followers of any religion or sect are free to choose their civil status according to their religious or sectarian beliefs."

I have to ask, is this what our young men and women are dying for over there? So they could replace a mass murderer with "Islamic Law"? Remember the last wife of the prophet was 9 years old and the modern day treatment of women under Islamic law is shameful. These people want to turn back the march of history 1500 years. What happened to Mr. Bush and his talk of freedom and liberation for Iraq? It would be sickening if we waged this war in Iraq to give them Democracy and they vote in Sharia.


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