Tuesday, November 08, 2005

French Riots In Context

Wise words of the King:
"We here are all dedicated to the betterment of the conditions of man's life; we all know the sorrows and misery of those who do not live but merely exist, the lot of men whose living conditions are sub-standard. But when we speak of the betterment of man's life, we mean not merely the economic improvement of living standards. We refer, in addition, to the spiritual condition in which man lives, for just as a man without means to feed his hunger and to clothe his nakedness can take no pride in his existence as a human being, so, also is one who is reviled and discriminated against because of his race or religion, robbed of his self-respect and human dignity." Haile Selassie on Complete Responsibility for Africans, Selected Speeches of his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie The First.
photo credit: Christophe Ena/Associated Press


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