Friday, December 09, 2005

Boycott and Protest NBC and GE's Sick Garbage!

I for one am really sick of seeing GE's horrible NBC TV program about John Lennon's killer. (Although I could only watch a few minutes of it before I had to shut it off as it made me so ill!) The below letter expresses my sentiments very well. I have included a list of phone numbers below of people to protest the program to. Lets remember John as the great man he was...not the little piss ant who killed him!
From the OnoWeb:
Dear GE Executives,
The plans to air a documentary about the killer of John Lennon display all too clearly the inhuman attitude of General Electric toward that tragic event, and obviously come from a desire to capitalize on some perverted "fascination" with the mind of a sick individual. To air the program on the 25th anniversary of the murder is calling for a general boycott of all NBC/BBC programming!
1) It has, long ago, BEEN DONE, and what was revealed was that the killer wanted "to steal Lennon's fame". The "new" program will grant that wish, placing all famous people in jeopardy. Any future maniacs who wish to steal fame simply need to gun down their chosen famous person!
2) It is, in the words of NBC regarding the lack of pictures of the casualties of the Iraq war, "tasteless" to make the focus of an anniversary program upon the twisted attitude of the one who committed the murder, rather that the beautiful life of John Lennon. What IS the message you are sending the world with this? Television is the most powerful medium of communication! Do you REALLY want to hold up as "fascinating" the life and thoughts of a sociopath who tried to silence one of the world's most treasured voices? This plan will not help the image of General Electric, NBC, or BBC in the minds of human beings around the world ! If you want to increase your popularity, show us the beautiful life that was snuffed out that day in December! Surely NBC can't think we will watch a show about the killer while he still lives to enjoy the thrill of his fame. Tasteless.
3) As one of the world's leading producers of nuclear weapons, GE has already done it's part in creating terror, the fear of an end to all life on earth, and continues, with this plan, to show relentless hatred for life, and interest only in the basest values in existence: corporate profit.
4) Come on, GE, can't you see that the final chapter of the show you have in mind is MORE senseless killing? Irresponsible mindless greed must be your only motive. You can change that, by showing the reasons John Lennon deserves better! Show us the visionary, not the unrepentant seeker of fame through murder.
Sincerely yours,Dorothy L. Richmond
Lennon Killer Says He Was UnstoppableNov 15 1:53 PM US/EasternNEW YORK
The man who murdered John Lennon 25 years ago says "nothing could have stopped" his twisted quest to track down and assassinate the ex- Beatle. "I was under total compulsion," killer MDC says in a segment to be aired at 8 p.m. EST Friday on "Dateline NBC."
According to background research I did on the Internet : GE owns NBC ! I couldn't find an address for the president but did find lots of info nonetheless
nbc = GE = Bob Wright
The National Broadcasting Company or NBC is an American television broadcasting company based in New York City's Rockefeller Center. It is now part of the media conglomerate NBC Universal, and supplies programming to more than 200 affiliated U.S. stations. NBC Universal is a unit of General Electric.
The last U.S. network to legally abandon the name behind its acronym, in 2003 the corporate name was shrunk from "National Broadcasting Company, Inc.", as it had been from 1926, to NBC Universal, Inc. following a merger with Vivendi Universal's Entertainment division in 2004. Control of the network passed to GE in 1986 following the purchase of NBC's original parent, RCA. Since this acquisition, the President and CEO of NBC has been Bob Wright.
Bob Wright.
General Media Inquiries (members of the media only, please)
(203) 373-2039
Gary Sheffer
Executive Director, Communications and Public Affairs(203) 373-3476
Russell Wilkerson
Financial Communications(203) 373-3193
Peter O'Toole
Director, Public Relations (203) 373-2547 peter.o'
Greg Farrett
Europe, Middle East, Africa, International Public Affairs+32 2 235 6912
Jonathan Klein
Marketing Communications & Olympic Games Sponsorship
(203) 373-2241
Linda Boff
Organizational Communications (203) 373-2989


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