Saturday, September 07, 2013

The new single from THE PROCESS Reviewed at

The first review of "Gypsy Wind" the new single from THE PROCESS is in. 
Written by Mitch Phillips at check it out!

Saginaw area reggae rockers The Process have released a new single, "Gypsy Wind", the first by the group alone with new material since 2002's "Blood and Bones".  If you're a fan of that record like I am, you won't be disappointed with the new single. It includes all the flair of their previous work; grandiose synth motifs punctuated by a bouncing synclavier, socially conscious lyrics delivered via David Asher's perfectly suited and insistent gravitas, and all served up on that familiar but infectious reggae rhythm for which The Process are known.

In short, this is more of their good stuff.  "Gypsy Wind" is the first of a series of digital singles they'll be releasing and again features the capable back-up pipes of Michelle Shaw and introducing Faith Gateway.

You can listen to and purchase "Gypsy Wind" by The Process at CdBaby


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