Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Blame goes all around for Katrina

It seems theres plenty of Bi-partisan blame to go around with Katrina.
It the interest of "Fair and Balanced" news blogging....

From the right wing blog America Awakes Friday, September 02, 2005
"How come 3 days before the hurricane the mayor didnt Make evacuations Mandatory?
How come during the last 24 hours the mayor didnt use the school buses to evacutate the poor.
How come the democrats and the mayor didnt have the police out in full force?
How come martial law was not declared?
How come the mayor and city officials told everyone to go to the dome where there was NO security?
How come the mayor and city officials didnt ensure enough supplies?
Yet The left and the Black leadership (jesse jackson) and Al Sharp tongue are so busy blaming the president but not a WORD about the Obvious failures of the Mostly Democratic Leadership?
Seems florida which gets hit a lot more every year is a lot more prepared...
Also to move 40,000 troops from peace time missions to an emergency footing takes at least 24 hours and another 12 to get there and setup...
We help the people now (which i dont see too many black leaders opening up) their wallets...
Then we can set the record straight..
By the way not enough buses hmm mayor...
What are ALL THESE DOING in the
Parking LOT you IDIOT!!!"

I don't always agree with this fellow but he sometimes makes darn good arguments. (Then he blows it by tripping out and wants to shoot the Democrats for treason!) It seems the blame over the Katrina fiasco really is shared by both the Republicans, Democrats and many branches of goverment. It's the people who suffer while the blame game goes on.


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