Monday, September 26, 2005

Whats in a name?

Hail up massive! I have a thought to post...Have you ever wondered, whats in a name?
Our band began calling itself THE PROCESS back in the 80's. Before we recorded, even before we wrote many songs. We Trademarked the name a few years back with the help of our attorneys Jacobson and Colfin P.C. (They just moved uptown to Madison Ave New York by the way). Over the last couple years it seems our name is the one every band from the far flung corners of the world want. The trouble is, IT'S OUR NAME!!
THE PROCESS is listed on every major internet music site and search engine and yet, because we are an indie band some people think that they can use the name if a major label isn't putting product on MTV (as if makes it right somehow). These groups by the way are mostly indie groups also, which makes me struggle to understand the ethics of these bands. We have learned to go to the servers of the bands web providers and have them pull the pages, rather than deal directly with the bands, as they have proven to be very unreasonable. Many of them seem to think there is a difference between PROCESS and THE PROCESS. The truth is PROCESS is a name established in England by a guy, Steve Barnes from Germany. He has several CDs and info on him is easy to spot on the internet. I think on the All Music Guide they have us both listed. It is fairly well known that THE PROCESS are reggae rockers from the USA and PROCESS is electronic music from Europe. So we have had to deal with the punk rockers from Cali and
the nut job from Kansas who wrote a creepy letter to us, the group on the Kill Rock Stars comp and about 10 or so others. I have to send out this legal brief via email and I'm getting good at it. Anyway I just wanted to vent my frustration at this taking up my time. We have tried for a long time to raise our profile and it certainly does no good to have other bands going around using our name. Any thoughts?


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