Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Detroit Music Awards

I know it is a little after the fact but I wanted to talk a little about this years Detroit Music Awards and post a picture. As you may know THE PROCESS (after being nominated for several years in a row) finally brought one back. Your humble narrator was voted "Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Songwriter". This was a really great night for us as we got to see so many happy people who were pulling for us to win! That was the high point for me. I can't possibly mention all of them by name but I do want to send special thanks to our friends Tim James and Sue "Static" Summers. I would also be remiss without thanking our attorney friends in the city Howard Abrams and Howard Hertz. Most of all I want to thank my brothers, bandmates Guitarist (and co-songwriter) Garrick Owen, Bassist and Programmer Bill Heffelfinger and Drummer Gabe Gonzalez! I am very blessed to be surrounded by the other supremely talented members of THE PROCESS.
Another highlight for me was sitting next to legendary Motown keyboardist, Funk Brother Joe Hunter. I found Joe to be very good company and shared a lot of laughs with him throughout the night. Joe was telling me about a night he spent with Paul McCartney in Germany a couple months back and kept me amused all night with his stories.
I would also like to take this time to thank all our friends, fans and families who have supported us through the years. You mean more to us than you could ever know. We love you all!


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