Saturday, June 18, 2005

Prophecies of Rastafari In the Bible

These links to books in the Bible have prophecies of Rastafari in them if you have eyes to see.

Revelation Chapter 5 Verses 1-5 Chapter 19 Verses 11-16
1 Timothy Chapter 6 Verse 15-16
Isaiah Chapter 11 Verses 1-5
Psalms Psalm 122 Verse 5
Daniel Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Acts Chapter 2 Verse 30

There are more prophecies of Rastafari in the Bible. If you know of one please post it!


Blogger jimgoism said...

Not sure of this as i am aware of the bible codes. However as i am activly engaged in blogosphere (i found your blog interesting)

I will look but i believe that the prophecies mentioned really deal with the attitue of the entire world against Israel and anyone who tries to defend her.

Sounds like us doesnt it ...

anyway check out my blog jimgoism (but i warn you i am a little more blunt) as we now need to be in this dangerous day and age

4:03 PM  

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