Friday, June 10, 2005

Summer DJ Gigs

Well summer is finally kicking off into full swing and for me that means one of my favorite gigs, DJ-ing Reggae music. The spot I do it a few Thursday nights each summer is called The Kingfish Restaurant & Tiki Bar (aka The Lantern) - Bay City, Michigan 1019 N. Water St.
The gigs are held on a dock on the river, so its always a bit dicey with Michigan weather but when it is good it is very good.
I play pretty much whatever I want (including requests) which is anything from classic SKA to Roots Reggae and 21st Century Bionic Dub. I always squeeze in a few surprises like rare, unreleased mixes or pre-release Dub versions from THE PROCESS as well. I've been spending a bit of time transfering my Jamaican singles and Lps onto CD also and I've been spinning them too. My buddy Seth Payton from a SKA band called Stamp'd usually shows up with some contemporay selections as well and it ends up being a rocking affair. Please visit THE PROCESS website to check the dates and if your a PROCESS or a Reggae fan or just looking for a great time in the area check it!


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