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CULTCHA Clash Outer National Record Review: D.A.B. David Asher Band - D.A.B.


CULTCHA Clash Outer National Record Review

D.A.B. (David Asher Band) - D.A.B.
(2021 DAB David Asher Band, Temple Gong Recordings)

Set for physical release on January 1, 2021, to get the new year started off right, is the self titled debut LP from D.A.B. (David Asher Band). Hailing from Detroit, MI, David is no new-comer to music making, having spent over 30 years leading reggae / rock band, The Process.
The group consists of David Ivory on guitar, William Petzold on bass, organ and backing vocals, Derick Davis on drums & percussion, and David Asher handling vocals, guitar, piano and various other roles, as well as various guests and contributors, including U.K.'s legendary dub-master and producer extraordinaire, Adrian Sherwood.
A version of Curtis Mayfield's "Keep On Moving" gets things started, followed by a Gregory Isaacs cover, "Give A Hand" featuring guest, Mike Cooper, on lap steel guitar. An awesome remake with a brief taste of David's raggamuffin lyrical flow.
"47 Shots (The Ballad Of Milton Hall)" tells an all-too-common story of unjust death at the hands of law enforcement. This particular story is about Milton Hall, a mentally ill man who was killed on July 1, 2012 in Saginaw, MI for stealing a cup of coffee, no federal charges were filed against the nine officers who fatally shot him 11 times, as is too frequently the case when it comes to police brutality. One thing that I love about reggae music is the social consciousness, and the artist's ability to tell dire tales of reality, strife and desperation, bringing attention to injustice while simultaneously emanating positive vibes and soothing the soul... the horn arrangement by Nicholas Peña greatly contribute to that juxtaposition on this tune.
Another cover, and a childhood favorite of mine, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door," written by the great Bob Dylan, is the next track, in a rub-a-dub style.
"Keep A Little Faith" is a David Asher original and the first tune released on the D.A.B. ReverbNation page, an uplifting message to hold tight, especially during these trying times.

Click here to hear "Keep A Little Faith"

"Deputy Dawg and the Marshall" is an original, co-written by William Petzold, and another real-life tale of violence committed in the name of the law.
The most unique cut on the album, to me, is "There's A Fire," written by Asher. The down beat drives the tight, electronic feel of the rhythm and the percussion and horns are, well... fire! Heart-felt lyrics top it off quite nicely, too.
"Donkey Jawbone (On-U Sound Mix)" was originally recorded by The Process in 1992, re-recorded and brought to Ramsgate for the mix by Mr. Sherwood. The CD includes an instrumental version, too.
The final tune is a lovers rock duet with Mikki Sound, "Love Ballad (On-U Sound Mix)" covers the Skip Scarborough written r & b hit for the reggae lovers. There's also an instrumental version of this featured on the CD.
Overall, the album is a solid debut and David continues to be an inspiration to CULTCHA Clash Outer National (it was his request that I review the 2016 The Process album, Who Is That Mad Band?, which was the impetus of establishing the "digital zine" aspect of C.C.O.N.). It will be available on vinyl, CD and digitally, pre-order at Bandcamp.

D.A.B. Bandcamp

D.A.B. ReverbNation

D.A.B. Facebook

David Asher was recently a guest on Duburbia Podcast with Selecta J-Cut discussing the making of the album as well as the history of The Process, check it out below.

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DAB David Asher Band Top Shelf Music Review

David Asher Band drops debut self-titled reggae rock album

Top Shelf Music

Former frontman for legendary Detroit reggae rock group The Process has, after much anticipation, released his first full-length album and it is unmatched in creative flow and artistry! Now under the moniker David Asher Band (D.A.B.), the self-titled debut album reflects Asher’s journey as an artist throughout the years. Recorded by Christopher Lewis at Fire Hyena Studios, the album further features two standout tracks mixed by the legendary British producer Adrian Sherwood (of On-U Sound Studios), who recorded and mixed revolutionary music from bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and reggae pioneers such as Lee “Scratch” Perry.

David Asher believes the magic of his new vibration is truly a shared effort between him and his bandmates. And, Top Shelf agrees — the boys are soaring with it!

Asher takes the helm on guitar, lead vocals and piano, while guitarist David Ivory leads on the guitar marvelously, Derrick L Davis puts his stamp on the drums and percussion, and William Petzhold holds down the bass (on top of co-writing my personal favorite single on the album “Deputy Dawg and the Marshall”). The essence of the work in its entirety is captivating, mysterious and artistically timeless.

The album consists of five original songs, which follow an organic rootsy style, masterfully interlaced with four well-known covers that weave and blend together the feel of the entire project. This creative collaboration and mix between the old and the new really embraces what roots reggae is about, while maintaining a fresh and unique style that showcases everything standout-ish about more modern rock, alternative or other musical genre mixes.

“We planned on doing a cover album and I hadn’t written much in quite some time, but then I got bit by the writing bug and we decided to mesh the originals with the covers. As Jah intended, the project happened the way it was supposed to happen and, all of a sudden, inspiration fell into my lap,” says Asher.

While D.A.B.’s cover work of notable songs — like Curtis Mayfield’s “Keep On Moving”, which kicks off the album, and a killer reggae influenced cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” –definitely require praise, I was most intrigued and impressed by the raw and upfront emotive storytelling in the original tracks, such as “47 Shots (The Ballad Of Milton Hall)” and “Deputy Dawg and the Marshall”. The former is an anthem about the shooting of Milton Hall, who was a mentally ill black man that was shot 47 times after being unable to pay for a cup of coffee. This chilling true story is poetically matched with mind-blowing brass instrumentals of trumpets, flugelhorns and saxes by Nicolas Pefla that build the story’s suspense and heartache.

The track “Donkey Jawbone”, originally recorded by The Process back in 1992 on their Baldhead Vex album, also makes a new statement with D.A.B.; Asher never thought the song was given justice, so he re-recorded the track for greater distinction. Other noteworthy originals on the album include “Keep A Little Faith” and the dancey, dare I say, smoothtown-groovetown number “There’s A Fire”. 

Like many insta-favorite albums, D.A.B. hit some heartstrings throughout.

Yet, the beautiful closing cover of the R&B classic “Love Ballad” (originally by Skip Scarborough) is so full of power and grace, it deserves special remembrance. The melding of Asher’s deep full vocals with Mikki Sound’s crisp sultry vocals balances this one out effortlessly, making the song feel both classic and sexy. The cherry that tops this tantalizing banana split for your ears are two additional bonus tracks mixed by Adrian Sherwood at On-u Sound in England. Feast your ears on the new album available exclusively on Bandcamp below!

Purchase or stream ‘D.A.B.’ album:



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DAB David Asher Band album released today!



The big day is here, we have just officially released the new album from DAB David Asher Band We're now sending a link to the full album to everyone who pre-ordered it, and vinyl albums and CD's will be going out tomorrow. Thanks so much to everyone who pre-ordered the album, and we hope everyone gets a chance to check it out! Happy 2021 everyone!

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Doctah X passes, new re-mixes!

Two unreleased Dub mixes of "Psalm Of David" by THE PROCESS, done by the late great Tony Harrington aka "Doctah X". Released as a tribute to him, on his passing in December 2020. Available as a free download

Download Here

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The Wirebender presents DAB OUR MUSIC OUR FOOD

To listen click here

part 1 dab

David Asher’s clocked up thirty years on the road as main-man for the American dub reggae /rock band the Process, he has also hosted an earlier show on radio in Berlin. For this edition “I was blessed to be in the on u sounds studios when they were remixed,”says the Wirebender.

David has worked with Adrian Sherwood, Little Axe, and Scientist among many others. 

This is the long awaited interview with David who walks us through the band as a “Livication” to Seth Payton who passed away before the albums release.(Seth is featured on the track ‘Love ballad’ with Mikki Sound on vocals.)

The Wirebender, showcases David’s new album and new band -DAB the David Asher Band

“When you write something together it should mean something. Its. a great album I hope everyone gets to hear it”

David Asher Dec 2020

 part 2


 -Food and music have always been close to me and Adrian Shephard in the early days of radio  when we fell on hard times and the mercy of the Local Salvation Army and later my work in a food co op as a trainee cook. 

 The second part of the show features a mix by D  j Smart Monkey as a showcase taster for the Compilation album “Our music’ Compiled for the Our Kitchen project whose practice is  to support children and families in Thanet England where its estimated up to a quarter of all families are unable to adequately feed themselves. Various  Artists  submitted tracks as a download album to highlight and support the project . 

 Ben Miller-‘ is interviewed on the show ;

 “The Our Kitchen project has  been  going for about 4 years  with summer kitchens during  school summer holidays, volunteers taking over the  school kitchens. It sits alongside the 3 different shops which  sell food to people who are struggling through food poverty.

It’s good healthy food at about 40 percent of what it would cost at a supermarket. It started at the same time as the UK governments `Universal credit scheme’

Differing from food banks, as an analogy Ben says which are an “accident and emergency service” we are more like a Gp (doctor’s service ).

 “I’m  not knocking food banks but they often contain stuff not necessary, like things you can put together to make a good meal ? We also provide good food recipe cards alongside meal kits, there’s the recipes we put out, such as our butter bean soup recipe which you can put together.

We are  helping people all the time just because people are working doesn’t mean they are not in poverty with “zero hour contracts ‘ 

The  fact that can come in and shop and just do a normal shop and can leave with dignity 

The Our music fundraiser  was one I wanted TO keep in line with Our kitchen in that it is ‘all inclusive”This is ours ‘.

When I started I was looking at different  opportunities to raise more funds and awareness. We live in a different time with digital downloads. I wouldn’t have been able to do this 10 years ago 


dj smartmonkey PLAYLIST MIX

Spaghetti child to open.


Dwelling of light – Mathew Shaw

Nick woolfson -Pitch Black

Babii- life

North human eye vs Mark Stewart

Meatraffle on the moon 

Peter Harris Nothing FC Mix

Uncle Fester 

Youth / Gaudi 

Lumpen noblemen 

Ital horns -Adrian Sherwood mix 

Check the schedule

for broadcast hours

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"Echo Chamber Around The World In Dub Vol 11 & 12."

Coming to Bandcamp November 18th 2020: 

Dan Dada Music is proud to release "Echo Chamber Around The World In Dub Vol 11 & 12."


Featuring Weedical Dub meets Xicury Dub, Stefanosis, THE PROCESS & Skip McDonald, Sgt. Remo, Spectral Dub, Dub Rogue, Trevor The Technician McKenzie, Jazzmin Tutum & Madtone, Riviera Rockers, Mutant Frogs, Plastic Culture & Dubby Doo, Roadblock Dub Collective, Amalgamah vs Destiny's Child [mashup], Vlastur, Abudub, Bandulu Dub, No Name Dub, Spectral Dub & Digital Sound Stepper feat. Gusteppas, DU3normal, Zombie Mastah, Pablo Volt, BY3Z, Dubus, and Ecozone. 🔥

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Music in REVIEW • D.A.B. (David Asher Band)

          Long Anticipated Debut Release Sets a High Bar of Excellence

              REVIEW MAGAZINE

 Through the dedicated focus of persistence and a prism of creativity that is perhaps best described as a gift from the Heavens, musician and songwriter David Asher has achieved a new level of excellence with the highly anticipated debut release of new material from D.A.B (David Asher Band).

Recorded by Christopher Lewis at Fire Hyena Studios and with several tracks mixed by the legendary British producer Adrian Sherwood from On U Sound Studios, who recorded & mixed ground-breaking music from bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and Depeche Mode; along with reggae giants such as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, the nine album tracks and two bonus CD tracks showcased on this debut mark a breathtaking departure for Asher, who over the last three decades has pioneered an impressive recording & performing career with the innovative fusion of Reggae & Rock achieved through his former band The Process.

Each of the tracks on this new D.A.B. album resonate with a creative brilliance that while firmly grounded in the roots of traditional reggae, flourish in explosive geysers of compositional creativity that merge the boundaries of R&B, Soul, and popular music in a manner that is totally unique and authentic. Indeed, when asked about the shimmering creative brilliance displayed on each of these tracks, Asher chalks it up to the fact that “I felt the fire burning over me and had to pay attention.”

With Asher on guitars, lead vocals, and piano; the brilliant David Ivory handling much of the lead guitar work; Derrick Davis masterfully handling drum & percussion duties; and William Petzold keeping tight control of the bottom end on bass, Asher says the magic of his new sound is truly a collaborative effort.

“The overall sound says more about the power and talents of the group than anything,” Asher humbly states, “and full credit needs to be given to the late Seth Payton for giving me the push to get out of my uncomfortable comfort zone with The Process and forge ahead with something new.  Seth and I had an unusual relationship as brothers, father & son, teacher & student, and those hats would switch. I was older and had more life experience, but Seth had a lot of innate wisdom. He was a special soul.”

Consisting of five original compositions and four covers, Asher says the entire album happened very organically. “We planned on doing a cover album and I hadn’t written much in quite some time, but then I got bit by the writing bug and we decided to mesh the originals with the covers. As Jah intended, the project happened the way it was supposed to happen and all of a sudden inspiration fell into my lap.

Opening with an upbeat translation of the Curtis Mayfield song Keep on Moving, which in many ways sets the tone for the album; the vibe branches out further on the following track Give a Hand, which features Mike Cooper on lap-steel guitar. Similarly, the DAB band’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s classic, Knockin on Heaven’s Door, is probably one of the most definitive treatments of that song I’ve ever heard, with the reggae-influenced rhythmic foundation propelling the dynamics as Ivory lays out a shimmering guitar solo that takes one straight to the heavens.

But without doubt, to this reviewer’s mind, the standout tracks on this debut release are the four originals: 47 Shots (the Ballad of Milton Hall), Deputy Dawg & the Marshall, Keep a Little Faith, and the standout heat of There’s a Fire. 

47 Shots is a timely and tightly constructed modern-day anthem about the shooting of Milton Hall by Saginaw police officers who fired 47 shots into a mentally disturbed black man who couldn’t afford to pay for a cup of coffee.  Featuring stellar brass orchestrations by Nicholas Pena on trumpets, flugelhorns, baritone & tenor saxes, the power of its narrative is derived from the facts of this sad incident itself, which crescendo and build by the accompanying musical articulation.

In a similar vein, Deputy Dawg & the Marshall recounts the factual story of an incident involving the STP Family commune in Colorado who were ambushed and killed by federal Marshalls. Co-written by William Petzold, Asher notes that “Bill helped me write this song because he has a journalist’s way of taking information and relating it succinctly lyrically.”  Indeed, already this track is getting airplay on radio stations in the Portland area.

Donkey Jawbone is another original that was originally recorded by The Process back in 1992 on the Baldhead Vex album, which was one of their more obscure releases.  Asher never thought the song was given justice, so re-recorded it with the DAB Band and mixed it at the On-U-Sound studios in Ramsgate, England, which enriches the track with greater nuance.

Closing out the album is an utterly beautiful and breathtaking version of the Soul and R&B classic Love Ballad, written by Skip Scarborough and also mixed at On-U-Sound.  The emotive power of Asher’s vocals are rich and full and buoyed tremendously by the vocal accompaniment of Mikki Sounds, who balances the weight of Asher’s voice with her own incredible vocal stylizations.

What is most striking about this debut release, however, is the way Asher and the DAB Band have taken the idiom of reggae music, which is decidedly a specialized niche market, and translated its core elements into a commercially accessible context without compromising the integrity of the material.

For that reason alone, it stands as one of the best releases I’ve heard in this year of 2020.

DAB • David Asher Band is currently available in pre-release form and Asher will be doing a Pre-Release Party at Audiogazing record shop in Saginaw on November 28th from 2:00 - 4:00 PM. The album will be released on vinyl, CD, and flash drive on New Year’s Day and pre-orders are currently available online (with one additional song) by visiting Bandcamp or the DAB Band facebook page, or search the DAB Band on google.


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By:  Robert E Martin 29th October, 2020