Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Single From THE PROCESS now on iTunes!

"Fire Is Burning" The new single from THE PROCESS Featuring Lord Kimo is now available on iTunes.

Friday, June 13, 2014

About The Artists Involved in "Fire Is Burning".

Announcing the newest release from THE PROCESS! "Fire Is Burning" is a four song EP which features mixes of a new track from THE PROCESS and LORD KIMO, (former Asian Dub Foundation, and Current Empire Dust MC). Three versions of the single are mixed by legendary Reggae Producer SCIENTIST and one by renowned Electronic Producer DAVID HARROW. On the heels of 2011's "The
Process Meets Ghetto Priest", "Fire Is Burning is another international collaboration, recorded and mixed in no less than five studios, in Saginaw Michigan, London U.K, and Los Angeles California.
If you love Reggae Rock, Dub and Electronic Dubstep music, be sure to check out "Fire Is Burning"!

About the artists:


The infectious grooving sounds of Detroit's legendary rock reggae sensations THE PROCESS are making believers of the masses with their blend of high energy rock and the grooving warmth and passion of reggae. On a mission to fight ignorance, apathy and social retardation, THE PROCESS has been at the center of attention and controversy , while breaking new ground with their uncompromising attitude and performances. THE PROCESS catalog of recordings crosses barriers and breaks down stereotypes that will keep even the most discriminating listener interested.


LORD K.I.M.O is one of the most flamboyant creative performers and music composers to have emerged from the UK music scene. He honed his vocal talents and artistic persona around the sound system dances of the early 90s, before beginning his illustrious recording career.
He then went on to record vocals and co-produce for Asian Dub Foundation on their hit albums "Enemy of the Enemy” and "Tank",  touring the globe as one the front men of the group. Lord Kimo's vocal/energy/presence can also be found with his first solo project ‘Lords of Frequency’ on their popular album entitled WELCOME. Lord Kimo is currently working on a new project which is called Empire Dust, the first album was released in March 2013. Lord K.I.M.O. has also worked and collaborated with many great artists such as Sean Paul, Roni Size, Adrian Sherwood, Badmarsh and Shri, The Wailers, Big Youth, 50 cent, Public Enemy, and many more.


Hopeton Brown better known as The Scientist and sometimes known as Overton Brown, from Kingston, Jamaica was a protégé of King Tubby (Osbourne Ruddock), one of the originators of dub music. The Scientist burst onto the reggae scene in the early ’70s with a reckless mixing style that seemed to outdo even King Tubby’s wildest extravaganzas. He began his career as an engineer at Tubby’s in the mid 70’s shortly afterwards, he gained a reputation with a distinctive mixing style.
He made a series of albums in the early 1980s, released on Greensleeves Records with titles themed around Scientist's fictional achievements in fighting Space Invaders, Pac-Men, and Vampires, and winning the World Cup. The music on these albums was played by Roots Radics, his most frequent collaborators.
Five of his songs from the album The Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires were used as the playlist songs on the K-Jah radio station in the 2001 video game Grand Theft Auto 3.


Producer and programmer David Harrow is one of the busier and more elusive figures in Electronic Music, often shrouding his assorted activities under a variety of aliases. Among Harrow's earliest projects was a remix of the 1990 Depeche Mode hit "Enjoy the Silence". He later collaborated with artists ranging from African Head Charge to Psychic TV to Gary Clail, and also worked with the On-U Sound System and Andrew Weatherall. He also recorded under the guises Technova and James Hardway.

New Single from THE PROCESS just released!

Just released and now available online for purchase!

"Fire Is Burning" by THE PROCESS Featuring LORD KIMO. A four track single with mixes by legendary Reggae/Dub Producer SCIENTIST, and renowned electronic music producer DAVID HARROW. 
Only $5.00 US!