Tuesday, August 31, 2021

DAB David Asher Band Reviewed by Jammin Reggae Archives

Great review of the DAB David Asher Band album on the 

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 David Asher Band - D.A.B.
At first I had this crew confused with the Daniel Asher Band, a reggae outfit from Sweden. But no, David Asher is based in Michigan, was once the front man of a reggae rock band called The Process and now heads the group that bears his name. Their debut release is an impressive slab of reggae with rock, funk, Latin and country overtones. Asher is adept on numerous instruments and has a husky, unencumbered voice that serves handily on covers of “Keep on Moving” and “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door “ as well as his own hard-hitting material. The latter includes fact-based musical tales of law enforcement gone frighteningly awry (“47 Shots,” “Deputy Dawg and the Marshall”) and songs like “Keep a Little Faith” that hold true to the easygoing steadfastness that has always been one of reggae’s defining features. There’s also a pair of tracks with corresponding dubs- “Donkey Jawbone” and “Love Ballad” -that were mixed by On.U Sound mastermind Adrian Sherwood and deliver the level of mysticism and measured sonic thrills one would expect from that crafty Brit. It’s always good to come across reggae from my sizable American homeland that has the right balance of outside and inside influences, and this disc is a prime example. –Tom Orr
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