Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dr Strangedub's Review of Weapons of Mass Percussion

Dub Specialist DJ Dr. StrangeDub is featuring the new CD by THE PROCESS on his radio show THE ECHO CHAMBER on KFAI-FM (90.3 Minneapolis/106.7 St.Paul). On 6-28-2006.

Read the good Doctor's review of the album below:

What can I say but "Wow!" This is not your ordinary Process album... Where previous Process releases were very good roots/rock/reggae outings - with some standout vocal tracks and an album's worth of darn good dub - this new release takes the Process to some unchartered territory. There is a heavy, heavy dubwise treatment throughout most of the session, with the best (and most disturbing) war on terror/911 soundbytes yet to be interwoven with music. And though the use of vocals is limited, where they do appear they range from the commanding (in the case of group leader David Asher), to the ethereal, to the shamanic. Middle Eastern percussions and chants. Robotic voices and electronic blips and bleeps. The repeated images of the Rasta soldier and the prophecy of Armageddon. The combined effect of this many-layered mix is to transport the listener on a journey of mind and soul, from the ravages of war to the Utopian world of Rastafari salvation. This is an overtly political album, without any overt political or partisan propaganda. This is a very spiritual, even religious exercise, that never preaches or pushes dogma. It's the awakening of the spirit, and the eye-opening journey through the disturbing events from the nightly news, that really matter here. More questions are raised than answered here...but that's exactly the point. And then, of course, there are those heavy, heavy Weapons of Mass Percussion. In my mind the heavy, electronic dub (with an organic core) put together by Mr. Asher and The Process on "Weapons of Mass Percussion" sits quite nicely alongside the best, most mutant dub from studios/labels such as On-U Sound, Wordsound, and B.S.I Records. Great stuff.....pointing to a brave new world for The Process... and us all.