Thursday, December 01, 2016

David Asher is interviewed on KFAI - 90.3 FM

THE PROCESS vocalist David Asher is interviewed on KFAI - 90.3 FM Minneapolis - 106.7 FM St. Paul's "Echo Chamber" Program, by Host Dr. Strangedub. Asher discusses the making of the latest album by The Process "Who Is That Mad Band?", working with Rock icon Dick Wagner, Dub Legend Adrian Sherwood, and other collaborators from the On-U Sound Records label. Asher also discusses his influences, and how he came into Reggae music.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

David Asher Hosts the ON U Sound Sunday Roast

David Asher Hosts his first episode of the ON U Sound Sunday Roast on DWR Online Radio, now streaming online on Mixcloud. Featuring tracks from the just released African Headcharge album "Return Of The Crocodile", and much, much more. Be sure to check it out! 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

THE PROCESS – Who Is That Mad Band? Review on DMME

Michigan warriors shake the spear of Rasta to make their stand and stay their ground in the face of fate.

You don’t have to descend from Jamaica to live by the principle of ital, and these Detroit folks have been proving the point for more than quarter of a century. “Who Is That Mad Band?” might be the group’s best offering to date, though, the fact stressed by presenting new versions of a couple older tracks here, so don’t be fooled by the album’s title and its cover: it’s the message that matters, not the form, and not for nothing references to herb were dropped now in favor of much holier smoke.

For all the collective’s merry stance, the laughter leading into of “Mystery Babylon” is a bitter one, and the pain is piled up high from the very beginning – thus that the band’s cosmic take on “Dear Mr. Fantasy” sounds like escapism into a dream – but they somehow eschew, even in the most roaring riddims and rhymes, the righteous rage the others would opt for. There is ire under “Fire Is Burning” and smouldering coals in its all-encompassing dub restyling at the end, yet the anger is shaped as a prayer: that’s why “The Lion Of Judah Hath Prevailed” trades it for acceptance of triumph.

The humor is here, too, what with an acoustic calypso of “It Is No Secret” which Garrick Owen adorns with exquisite six-string lace, or “Time Has Come” where David Asher’s silky voice shines in lyrical rays. Still, the update of classic story in “Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde” that is spiked with Dick Wagner’s solo, one of the late guitarist’s last cuts, turns into a slice of social satire, with skank and a smile, to alleviate its moral angle, while the riff and infectious chant of “Gypsy Wind” up the rock game immensely. And though the toasting of individual Wailers and other proponents of Jah music in “Tribute (To The Heroes)” is saved only by its sincere seriousness, “Return The Treasures” – one of a few Adrian Sherwood’s mixes on display – is a festive, if culturally sharp, gathering of various generations, as Lee Perry, Ghetto Priest and Little Axe all cut into the drift.

So yes, the band may be mad, but it’s often the madmen who tell you the truth.

Dmitry M. Epstein

Monday, October 24, 2016


 October 28th 20:00 hours UK time, 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.. 
"The Show features interviews with Skip McDonald, Little Axe​ and David Asher, 
THE PROCESS recorded in Detroit/London. 
The interviewed is followed by mixes from the On-U Sound Records​ vaults, David Harrow​ and Adrian Sherwood at the controls and the Rex Offender providing some dub mash ups.
In the last part we have Adrian Sherwood with Nissenenmondai recorded live in Japan.”

Ras Seymour McClean
The show starts with an interview. Simon Wade calls in from London. David Asher and Skip McDonald answer the call in Detroit. Chicago? What is the reason that such a long-distance connection should be established?
One clue to the answer is Ras Seymour Mclean. He is also the gentleman in the picture above.
And the following is part of his story, word to Simon:
#Return The Treasures”  featured in the Wirebender’s show the album by THE PROCESS, “Who Is That Mad Band?”, was inspired by the tireless work of Ras Seymour Mclean, in his efforts to return the treasures of the fortress of Magdala in Ethiopia, which was looted by the British in 1868, back to the land where they belong. The holy relics and crown jewels are held to this day, in the British National museum.”
The content of the show: ‘Return The Treasures’ features Skip McDonald aka Little Axe, Ghetto Priest, Mikki Sounds, Adrian Sherwood and the voice of the mighty Lee “Scratch” Perry.
The Show features interviews with Skip Macdonald Little Axe and David Asher The Process  recorded in Detroit/london.
The interviewed is followed by mixes from the On u sound vaults  David Harrow and Adrian Sherwood at the controls and the Rex Offender providing some dub mash ups
In the last part we have Adrian Sherwood with Nissenenmondai recorded live in Japan.”

Friday, September 30, 2016

Album Review of The Process Who Is That Mad Band? at

Album Review of The Process Who Is That Mad Band? At
By Jon J Cut Soldanels
I wasn't familiar with Detroit's The Process before their current album Who Is That Mad Band? was sent to me via file transfer by their vocalist and co-founder (alongside Garrick Owen), David Asher. It immediately got my attention due to contributions from some of my musical heroes from the On-U Sound & Tackhead camp - namely Adrian Sherwood and Skip "Little Axe" McDonald as well as Ghetto Priest, David Harrow and the Mighty Upsetter, Lee "Scratch" Perry.
Upon further research I found that the band has been fusing Rock & Reggae since 1989, ("On a mission to fight ignorance, apathy and social retardation," says their website), they have produced 8 albums and several singles (available Here). Besides the On-U Sound collaborators, there is a Mothership connection in the band as well, with drummer Gabe Gonzalez who played with the P-Funk All-Stars. The album also features one of the last recordings from Dick Wagner, a name previously unfamiliar to me but after some research it became apparent that I'm well aware of his work with Lou Reed, Alice Cooper and Kiss to name but a few.

The 13 song album is strong all the way through, starting with the rocking "Mystery Babylon" that would appeal to a fan of Bad Brains heavy Reggae sound. Next comes "Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde" on which genetic modification becomes the topic. "Tribute (To the Heroes)" is one of my favorites on the album, as the title implies an homage to the legends, with a hype steppers riddim and an ill clavichord track, it's definitely a powerful tune. More Roots, Rock, Reggae on "Fire Is Burning," the dub of this one is also included and is well wicked! "Dear Mr. Fantasy" has a driving electronic rhythm with a ballad-like feel. There's more Rasta-Inspired consciousness and progressive Reggae on "The Lion Of Judah Hath Prevailed" and "Psalms Of David." On "It's No Secret" there is a strong world-roots vibe. "Gypsy Wind" is another Reggae rocker and "Time Has Come," with it's unique structure and sparseness, has an On-U Sound feel without a doubt.
"Return The Treasures" brings more reality lyrics from Ghetto Priest and Lee "Scratch" Perry and brings it once more with a super-tough dub.
The only complaint I have about this album, being the vinyl fiend that I am, is that it is not (yet) available on wax. If it were within my powers to press it myself, I would but I understand that that isn't a cheap...shall i say, Process. Big Up The Process, keep doing what you do! :) selecta j-cut

Welcome to where Music and Art serve as solace to the tedium of a commodified existence. Putting the spotlight on the oft overlooked, those creating not for intents of profit, but of purity, progress, evolution of consciousness or to uplift the downtrodden. DIY is the ethos, Now Or Never the mantra, forever exploring and learning , only stagnation should be avoided.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

THE PROCESS album "Who Is That Mad Band?" is in consideration for a 2017 GRAMMY Award. If you are a voting NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) member, please support THE PROCESS in our bid. Thank you!

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 2016 Prince Thierry played "Return The Treasures" from THE PROCESS "Who Is That Mad Band?" on "DanceHall Style" Radio Mega Valence 99.2FM in France!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reggae Legend Dennis Bovell plays THE PROCESS on Soho Radio London!

Reggae legend Dennis Bovell played "Return The Treasures" from the new album by THE PROCESS "Who Is That Mad Band?" featuring Ghetto Priest, Little Axe, Adrian Sherwood and Lee Perry Sunday August 7 on Soho Radio London 5-7pm, UK time Dub On Air, listen to the podcast of the show. THE PROCESS plays at 37:50 minutes in!
Listen to the Podcast! 

Friday, August 05, 2016

Check it out! Legendary Question Mark and the Mysterians guitarist Robert Lee Balderrama interviews THE PROCESS vocalist David Asher on his Talk Music USA animated web show. 

David talks about working on the new album from THE PROCESS "Who Is That Mad Band?", the influences and history of the group, and the many guest artists on the album.
Those include, Dick Wagner, Ghetto Priest, Adrian Sherwood, Skip McDonald, former Asian Dub Foundation MC L K Lord Kimo, David Harrow, Lee Perry, and Mikki Sounds among others. 
Asher also talks about recording "Dear Mr. Fantasy" by Jim Capaldi's group Traffic, for the album, and Aninha Capaldi's including his contribution to a special book honoring Jim.
Watch the video HERE.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Monday July 25th, CJSR FM 88.5 Edmonton's "Bass Culture" Program Hosted by Mick Sleeper played "Time Has Come" from the new album "Who Is That Mad Band?" by THE PROCESS, featuring Ghetto Priest, Little Axe, Mikki Sounds and Adrian Sherwood. 
Check out the awesome podcast of the show! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Good Day - Macka B
Jah Gave Us Life - Wailing Souls
Give Me Strength Oh Jah - Cornell Campbell
Children Of Jah - The Chantells
S90 Skank - Big Youth
Level The Vibes - Half Pint
Don't Let Me Suffer - The Concords
Rudie Can't Fail - The Clash
What If - Max Romeo
Educational Revolution - Luciano
Happy - Illbilly Hitec with Horseman & Kinetical
Time Has Come - The Process
Old School Track - Human Rights
Power Pack (Closing Theme) - The Upsetters

Friday, July 22, 2016

THE PROCESS Release a ‘Must-Have’ Modern Masterpiece


It is a remarkable feat in itself that the visionary regional band known as The Process has lasted for 25-years with its essential line-up intact; but with their newest release that is now available on both CD and download, the group has achieved a miraculous career pinnacle and managed to create a musical masterpiece that if there is any justice in this world, should easily catapult them into the Major League.

Entitled Who Is That Mad Band?  this amazing tapestry of 13-tracks should be a MUST HAVE for anybody serious about modern music and is easily one of the most innovative and accessible recordings I have heard released all year. Seven years in the making and spanning six studios worldwide, each of the tracks shimmers with strong melodic musical hooks and shines with impeccable production values that propel the tightly constructed musical performances into stellar levels of perfection.

With all songs written by David Asher & Garrick Owen, the various tracks were recorded in Saginaw at Fire Hyena Studios and engineered by Chris Lewis, as well as U Be U Studios with Gee Pierce, Area 51 Studios in Flint with engineer Bernard Terry, and On U Sound Studios in London with engineer Matt Smyth and Brandon Harding, along with Soundhouse Studios in Ramsgate, UK with legendary engineer Skip McDonald, in addition to Workhouse Studios in Los Angeles with engineer David Harrow.

Consisting of David Asher on vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums & percussion; Garrick Owen on guitars; Bill Heffelfinger on guitars, bass, keyboards, drums & programming; Gabe Gonzalez on drums & backing vocals; and Seth Payton on bass, keyboards, guitars, percussion, backing vocals & horn arrangements, additional musicians include backing vocalists Mikki Sound, Michelle Shaw, Faith Gateway, Maria Rose; percussionists Earl ‘the Squirrel’ and Derrick Davis; and horns courtesy of John Rickert, Matt Wickie & Dennis Lewandowski.  Additional guitarists include David Ivory, Pete Metropoulos; with additional production provided by Skip McDonald, Adrian Sherwood and David Harrow.

But the exceptionally gratifying surprise on this release is with the guest appearance of legendary guitarist Dick Wagner, who turns in one of his final performances before his untimely passing on the remarkable track, Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.  To hear Wagner’s guitar soar above the hypnotically entrancing hook-lines into the stratosphere with his signature inventiveness is worth the price of admission alone.

Further currency is added by the appearance of Ghetto Priest on the track The Lion of Judah Hath Prevailed and also with the help of legendary reggae icon Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’ on the haunting track, Return the Treasures.

With some of the strongest melodic lines they have created to date, bathed and propelled by intricately constructed rhythms, each track builds upon the next into a breathtaking crescendo that is – hands down – some of the best new work you are likely to experience.

Another particular stand-out is The Process reading of the classic Traffic number, Dear Mr. Fantasy, with an arrangement by Heffelfinger and vocals by Asher that are precise, carefully enunciated, and completely compelling – easily one of the best versions of the song that I’ve ever heard.

Equally compelling is the mesmerizing cadence of Return the Treasures, which is infused with Perry’s mystical aura and is based upon the true story of Seymour McClain, who had a mission to repatriate the crown jewels sitting in the British Museum that the British stole from Ethiopia after their invasion in the 1880s.

According to Asher, “The Emperor of Ethiopia kidnapped some envoys of Queen Victoria, so the British sent an envoy into Ethiopia and killed the Emperor and stole the jewels. The British even nailed his scalp to the doorway, so it was pretty barbarous. Seymour asked me to write a song about it, but he passed away, so I decided to write Return the Treasures as a tribute to Seymour. We finished it in one day and then Skip started adding midi stuff and guitar parts, the second day we slogged through more keyboards and midi in a 12-hour day, which again was very taxing. I’m used to spending five hours in a studio and even then I can get a bit fried. But during the mixing, we were able to get Lee Perry onto the track, so it was all an incredibly worthwhile experience.”

Who Is That Mad Band? can be purchased at Records & Tape Galore in Saginaw and online by visiting I-Tunes, CD Baby and

Monday, June 20, 2016

THE PROCESS "Who Is That Mad Band?" Now Available on ITunes!

THE PROCESS "Who Is That Mad Band?" now available on iTunes
Click here to Buy!

Featuring performances from legendary artists Dick Wagner, Little Axe, Adrian Sherwood, Ghetto Priest, David Harrow, Mikki Sound, and Lee "Scratch" Perry!

Click here to buy the CD at CDBaby
Click Here to buy the CD at Amazon
Click Here to Purchase the Download at Rhapsody

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

CD Now Available To Purchase Online!

CD available now (internationally) to purchase online
"Who Is That Mad Band?",
the new album from THE PROCESS!
With guest artists Dick Wagner, Adrian Sherwood, Little Axe, Ghetto Priest, Lord Kimo, David Harrow, Mikki Sound and Lee Perry.

Click Here To Buy. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

"Who Is That Mad Band?" now on Spotify!

The new album from THE PROCESS, "Who Is That Mad Band?" is now available to stream and download on Spotify

Friday, June 10, 2016

Download available now!

Download available now! (CD available soon). 
"Who Is That Mad Band?" 
the new album from THE PROCESS!

Buy the download of the album.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

THE PROCESS "Who Is That Mad Band" to be released July 2016

July 2016 beholds the long awaited release of the new full length album from Detroit's Rock Reggae Madmen, THE PROCESS. 

The album, entitled "Who Is That Mad Band?", features a stunning array of guest artists, including one of the final recordings of the late legendary rock guitarist Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper, Lou Reed), as well as Dub music Legend Adrian Sherwood, UK Vocalist Ghetto Priest, former Asian Dub Foundation MC Lord Kimo, Dub/Blues artist Skip McDonald aka Little Axe, Electronic music Producer David Harrow and the voice of Dub Reggae Legend Lee "Scratch" Perry . Over five years in the making, the album captures THE PROCESS delivering it's most diverse and cohesive statement yet, fusing Reggae, Rock and World Music into a seamless aural experience, sure to please long-time fans of the band, as well as the uninitiated. The CD will be released in July, 2016, so do yourself a favor, and find out WHO IS THAT MAD BAND? GET PROCESSED!

Join THE PROCESS for two album release events in July. 

Friday July 8th, Whites Bar Presents: THE PROCESS "WHO IS THAT MAD BAND?" CD Listening Party! Doors open at 10 Pm.  Address: 2609 State St, Saginaw, MI 48602 Phone:(989) 792-2631. 
Saturday July 23rd, Bemo's Bar Presents: The Official CD Release Party for THE PROCESS "WHO IS THAT MAD BAND?". Featuring THE PROCESS Live In Concert, with Special Guests, TBA. Doors open at 9:00 Pm, THE PROCESS performs at 11:00. 21+ No cover!  Address: 701 S Madison Ave, Bay City, MI 48708 Phone:(989) 893-7071 
Join THE PROCESS as we unleash our newest album. Pick up signed copies, and other exclusive merchandise from THE PROCESS. Don't miss these special events, BE THERE!

Friday, March 18, 2016

2016 Detroit Music Awards!

THE PROCESS has been Nominated "Outstanding World Group" in the 2016 Detroit Music Awards! Congratulations also to THE PROCESS drummer Gabe Gonzalez, Nominated in the categories of "Outstanding Electronic/Dance Writer/Producer", and "Outstanding Urban Musician". The Detroit Music Awards are held April 29th, 2016, at The Fillmore in Detroit. Congratulations to all of the nominees!

Monday, February 01, 2016


This Weds Feb 3 and Friday Feb 5, on Radio On Berlin, The Wirebender presents part one of a three part special.
David Asher of THE PROCESS from Detroit has compiled the first artist feature of the year:
Ghetto Priest.
David will showcase Ghetto Priest’s work with On-U Sound Records, Asian Dub Foundation and all of the aspects of his diverse and collaborative musical mayhem,
including rare and unreleased tracks provided by On U Sound mastermind Adrian Sherwood and Ghetto Priest.
15:00 German time, 2:00 PM in UTC, 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Be sure to tune in!


Monday, January 18, 2016

David Asher's Tribute to David Bowie, Space Oddity.

David Asher, "David Bowie was an artist that I admire very much. Here is my tribute to him, produced by Steve Gotts. My version of "Space Oddity".

Friday, January 08, 2016

Fan clip from THE PROCESS 25th Anniversary Show!

Here's a short fan clip of THE PROCESS performing "Jah Made the Herb" at the 25th Anniversary Show!