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DUB WORLD Review in THE DUB Magazine.

The new album from THE PROCESS "DUB WORLD" was just reviewed in the Online UK zine "THE DUB". Check it out! 
The Process are a rock band from Detroit, Michigan, a city with a long and outstanding part in the history of music – one of the homes of the Blues in the great American migrations of the 1920s, the city that gave the world Motown, the Stooges and MC5, adopted home of Funkadelic in the 1960s and 70s as well as the home of techno just to name a few. But The Process are no ordinary rock band. They take all of the influences of their city’s music history and fuse it with a deep and abiding love of reggae. Band leader David Asher also runs a reggae sound system called Shaolin and hosts the monthly online On-U Sound radio show.
My personal highlight on this album is ‘Return The Treasures’, a song that features singer Ghetto Priest and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry with a top class sweet reggae mix from Adrian Sherwood. The song addresses the treasures of Ethiopia held in Britain since their time in North East Africa in the nineteenth century, an issue raised regularly by Ras Seymour McLean (see feature in next month’s issue) as well as by the Ethiopian government. The so-called treasures of Magdala were taken from Ethiopia by British troops following a battle in 1868 and include an 18 carat gold crown and many religiously significant ancient manuscripts as well as nine tabots (wooden altar slabs) which are deemed so holy that the British Museum has promised to never display them, although there was an exhibition of many of the other items at the British Museum just under 10 years ago.
The album “Dub World” is an extensive dub reworking of their album ‘Who Is This Mad Band?’ There are songs on the ‘Dub World’ album that mark The Process out as a strong and powerful voice, one that takes in phuture dub, atmospheric electronica, funk and rock as well as more reggae. A favourite of mine is ‘Magnetosphere’ which sounds like Style Scott’s Roots Radics stateside at RAS Records or an old production of Adrian Sherwood with its synth washes and cut up samples of cult writer William Burroughs. The whole album features song titles that could be straight out of a classic Scientist album - ‘Molecular Cloud’ which features a nyahbinghi heartbeat at its core and the echotastic dubbed out ‘Dark Matter Shift’ being particular favourites. Interestingly, The Process have had Scientist produce the ‘Fire Is Burning’ EP for them. Another standout track is ‘Dear Mr Fantasy’, which is remixed by Oicho (an electronic dub nom de plume for David Harrow, who, in addition to his own varied career, played keyboards for Dub Syndicate and On-U Sound System), which has a great dubby bounce.
Ghetto Priest and David Asher (The Process)
Review by Dani Cameron

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October 2017 On U Sound Sunday Roast. Dub Syndicate World Exclusive, Pats Doctor Interview + more!

A very special October 2017 edition of the ON.U Sound Sunday Roast. The show features a worldwide exclusive of tracks from the new Dub Syndicate album "Displaced Masters", other rare and unreleased tracks, and an interview with On-U Sound Records archivist Pats Dokter. First broadcast on DWR Online Radio. Hosted by David Asher.

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DUB WORLD • David Asher & The PROCESS Create a Parallel Musical Universe

New Music in REVIEW

Posted In:Arts & Entertainment, Local Music, National Music, Artist Feature | From Issue 851 | By:  Robert E Martin |  05th October, 2017 

The new release by contemporary Reggae advocate, ambassador, songwriter, and innovative producer David Asher is titled Dub World -  an engaging remix of stellar tracks cultivated from his last groundbreaking 2016 outing Who Is That Mad Band? with The PROCESS.
Consisting of 11 tracks and produced by The Process and Chris Lewis, with additional production courtesy of On U Sound legends Adrian Sherwood, Skip McDonald and David Harrow, the remixes on Dub World unveil like a tapestry of hypnotic tonal, rhythmic, and electronic clarity that shimmers with strong melodic musical hooks and shines like freshly minted coins embedded with fresh musical re-invention.
With nine albums and CD’s under their belt and numerous remixes, as the CD has fallen by the wayside in recent years, Asher’s new approach to recording is to focus upon releasing fresh singles to keep the band constantly churning in the in the stream of commerce with fresh material; but given that Mad Band took seven years to record, mix and release – which was time well spent insofar as it is hands-down the group’s most accomplished and accessible work – the genesis for Dub World started right after the release of Mad Band two years ago.
“We didn’t want to take a break,” states Asher, “and saved all the balance and EQ settings from that album, so we could strip the mixes back and add effects and whatever else we chose to do to make the tracks unique.  That’s what Dub Mixing is all about.”
Consequently, the track titled Interstellar Medium, which features the late great Dick Wagner, is a radically remixed version of the track that appeared on Mad Band, as Asher was able to take the rhythm tracks and strip back effects in the original mix and add additional plug-ins and effects, as opposed to musical hardware on the project.  “Basically because everything was recorded digitial, we are able to move parts of the song around because we can,” Asher explains.
“The whole purpose for Dub Releases is to present an alternate version of the song that exists in a parallel universe,” he continues. “I’ve always admired Jamaican music and remixes are a big part of it. People like legendary Jamaican producer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry are always screwing around with the sound, so what I wanted to do with Dub World is create more of a futuristic album with a futuristic sound.”
The initial reaction has been quite good and Asher says both the new Dub World and Who Is That Mad Band? Have both been selling well online and at live shows performed with his latest project. The DAB Band. “I did a limited run of Dub World to test the waters but sold so many the first day of its release both online, and later at shows, that I need to press a few more.”
It’s been a busy summer for Asher and his new more traditionally oriented reggae outfit, The DAB Band, but not one is rest upon his laurels, Asher is already busy at work writing new material for his latest project. “We played shows every weekend this summer and are playing Grand Rapids this weekend, but after that we’re going to take a little time off,” he explains. “I’m resurrecting The PROCESS for a Halloween show in Detroit, but the DAB Band has been going at it so hard that we need to slow down for a minute. Right now, I’m in the studio with Mikki Sound and she and I are working on a concept album that will feature some of my favorite Jamaican songs and sounds that have never hit the United States. But all these projects take time. Mad Band we started back in 2009 and it took 7 years go release, but I knew we could get Dub World done quickly if we applied ourselves, which is what we did.”
Consisting of David Asher on vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums & percussion; Garrick Owen on guitars; Bill Heffelfinger on guitars, bass, keyboards, drums & programming; Gabe Gonzalez on drums & backing vocals; and Seth Payton on bass, keyboards, guitars, percussion, backing vocals & horn arrangements, additional musicians on Dub World include backing vocalists Mikki Sound, Michelle Shaw, Faith Gateway, Maria Rose; percussionists Earl ‘the Squirrel’ and Derrick Davis; and horns courtesy of John Rickert, Matt Wickie & Dennis Lewandowski.  Additional guitarists include David Ivory, Pete Metropoulos; with additional programming provided by Skip McDonald.

Both Dub World and Who Is That Mad Band? can be purchased at Records & Tape Galore in Saginaw and online by visiting I-Tunes, CD Baby and

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TapDetroit Interview with David Asher

Interview with THE PROCESS vocalist David Asher on
Detroit Riot 10/03/17 on at 22:35.   
Asher discusses working with the many legendary artists involved in the making of "Who Is That Mad Band?" and "Dub World", including Adrian Sherwood, Little Axe, Ghetto Priest,
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Dick Wagner and others. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Dub World, Review, Radio.

Dub World, the new album by THE PROCESS is getting great notices.

Check out this review on the Online Zine

The Process - Dub World (The Process / Temple Gong Recordings) 

It's been a while since my last update, Cultcha Clash  has been out of sight but not out of mind. When David Asher (Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of The Process) contacted me about the new CD, it seemed only appropriate that Cultcha Clash is set back off by it, as the last album by the group was the first review that I did for the site. This time around it's Dub World, which is, as the name implies, an excursion into version including  reworks of some of the previous, Who Is That Mad Band?

As I write this I am enjoying this set of tunes for the third time and each listen sounds better than the last. Strong rhythms and heavy bass through and through make this enjoyable to any dub-head. 

Standouts include "Magnetosphere," which once again enlists Skip "Little Axe" McDonald. "Interstellar Medium," the dub of "Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde" (from Who Is That Mad Band?), is a spacey and ghostly groove with guitar from the late Dick Wagner. David Harrow remixes "Dear Mr. Fantasy" (Ochio Re-Mix), leaving only the vocals from the original interwoven into modular synths and electronic riddims. Finally, "Return The Treasures" (Adrian Sherwood Alternate Mix) featuring the great Lee "Scratch" Perry and Ghetto Priest wraps up the album in a superb fashion.

Check this out, it's available on CD or file formats. Would love to see some vinyl from this one, a 4 song EP or a 7" or 2, hopefully the future will bring Dub World wax. In the meantime, get it HERE
- selecta j-cut 9/20/17 where Music and Art serve as solace to the tedium of a commodified existence. Putting the spotlight on the oft overlooked, those creating not for intent of profit, but of purity, progress, evolution of consciousness or to uplift the downtrodden. DIY is the ethos, Now Or Never the mantra, forever exploring and learning, only stagnation should be avoided. 

KFAI 90.3 Minneapolis, 106.7 Saint Paul "Echo Chamber" has been playing THE PROCESS Dub World. 

Click here to stream or download the show from 9/20/2017, playing "Interstellar Medium", featuring the late, legendary guitarist Dick Wagner on guitar. 

Buy Dub World:

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The Process Dub World now on iTunes!

The new album from The Process, "Dub World" is now on iTunes!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Just released: The Process "Dub World".

Just released, CD and Download available now! 
THE PROCESS "DUB WORLD", a Dub re-mix companion album to last years "Who Is That Mad Band?". Featuring performances from Dick Wagner, Adrian Sherwood, Skip McDonald aka Little Axe, Ghetto Priest, Lee Perry, David Harrow, and others.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

New album from The Process "Dub World", coming August 2017!

The new album from THE PROCESS "Dub World", will be released in August 2017.
Dub World is a Dub mix companion album to 2016's "Who Is That Mad Band?", and features performances from Rock legend Dick Wagner, legendary Dub Producer Adrian Sherwood, and many others! Stay tuned for release information! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

David Asher Hosts The On U Sound Sunday Roast Monthly Radio Show

The On U Sound Sunday Roast is the On U Sound label's official online radio program on DWR Online Radio, featuring the music of Adrian Sherwood's On U Sound record label, it's associated acts, forthcoming releases, and rare and exclusive mixes.
The program is hosted monthly by label associate and long time aficionado David Asher.
David Asher is the vocalist and songwriter of the Detroit Reggae Rock group THE PROCESS, and is an twelve time ASCAP Award winner (Popular Division), and two time Detroit Music Award winner. Asher is also a Reggae and Dub Selector with Shaolin Sound System, and recently launched his own Roots Reggae group DAB (David Asher Band).
To listen to past shows click here:

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THE PROCESS drummer Gabe Gonzalez endorsed by Soultone Cymbals!

Soultone Cymbals offers a superior sound, feel and performance with excellent artist support for today’s most demanding performers. No matter what style or sound is desired by the performer, Soultone Cymbals delivers both traditional and modern sounds with less effort, more control, and, of course, beautiful, musical, rich tone. The touch and feel is unique and has a more responsive bounce to the stick allowing for improved precision without washing out the dynamics of the performance.
Check out Gabe's Soultone Cymbals Webpage:

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Feb 2017 On U Sound Sunday Roast

Now streaming on demand:
David Asher Hosts the February 2017 Edition of the On U Sound Sunday Roast. Featuring new, classic, rare and unreleased tracks from the legendary label.
Listen Here

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THE PROCESS has received two Nominations in the 2017 Bay Area Review Awards:

THE PROCESS has received two Nominations in the 2017 Bay Area Review Awards:
"Best Concert/Album or Project" and "Best CD Release", for The Process - Who is That Mad Band?
Also DAB (David Asher Band) "Best New Artist of the Year". and Fire Hyena Studios, 
the studio where we work was Nominated "Best Recording Studio"
Please login in and give us a vote. Thank you!

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New interview with David Asher on the Cass River Podcast.

Check out this new interview with David Asher on the Cass River Podcast. 

Asher discusses growing up in a small town in Michigan, his childhood, his early influences, Reggae music, and forming THE PROCESS. Asher also discusses working with legendary Michigan guitarist Dick Wagner, working on the album "Who Is That Mad Band?" with artists from the On U Sound label in the UK, and performances with his new group DAB.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

David Asher Hosts the New Years Day 2017 On U Sound Sunday Roast.

Pictured: Bonjo Noah, Adrian Sherwood

Podcast now playing on demand! David Asher Hosts the New Years Day 2017 On U Sound Sunday Roast. Featuring new, rare, and unreleased music, new vinyl releases and much more!